It is a survey conducted on the basis of determining and recording the condition of the cargo to be loaded before loading to the ship.

In this survey, at the beginning of the operation, every day during the operation, whenever deemed necessary and at the end of the operation, informative reports to be shared with the relevant parties and a detailed report to be prepared after the operation are shared.

The employee who will make the survey will be professionals who has Marine experience (captain or authority) and has required educations and certifications. Therefore all possible problems during the loading will be exposed at the same time and will resolve immidiately

In summary, this survey will ensure that the buyer or the ship's P&I club, with a report that supports the condition of the cargo before it is loaded on the ship, with documents and evidences, before the ship sails, with the notes written down on all cargo documents, in order to protect the ship from the problems and surprises that may be encountered during the evacuation. is carried out.