• Condition:

It is a survey conducted on the basis of precisely determining the condition of the ship to be rented before the lease.

In this survey, we prepare our report after detailed examinations regarding the general physical condition of the ship, the physical / functional conditions of the holds and hatch covers, the condition of the deck equipment and share it with our valued customers.

With this report, we also ensure that the problems that the ship to be rented may cause during the lease period can be predicted in advance and the necessary measures can be taken.

We can divide the survey under these titles

  • General condition determinations before or after loading
  • bunker quantity determinations
  • Damage surveys determination services during loading and discgarging
  • Supervising damage repairs to be made on the ship, establishing a damage fee, forming a repair team
  • Documentation of on / off hiring
  • In case of damage, after repair, getting a "no damage" report from the ship's captain
  • Final agreement between the parties regarding the damages


  • Bunker:

It is made on the basis of determining the amount of fuel oil, diesel oil and lub oil in the tanks of the ships to be on / off hire.