• Hull

The structural integrity assessment of the GRP (fiber) hull is usually done after the hull has dried on land for some time, using a moisture meter and various other methods. In metal bodies, ultrasound test method is used to measure the metal thickness.

  • Propulsion Systems

It includes the inspection of rudder, propeller, shaft, anode, bracket, hive, fore and aft thrusters, flaps, fins of stabilizer systems.

  • Deck and Above deck Strutures

It evaluates parts such as hull-deck joint, portholes, windows, skylights, handrails and decks for structural inspection.

  • Deck Equipment

It is the inspection of equipment such as capstan, winch, mooring equipment, guardrail and support ladders.

  • Rigging / Sailing Equipment (for sailboats)

Equipments are inspected such as Mast, boom, rigging boat connections, fixed and mobile tools, terminals and so on. For mast inspection, the boat should be in the water and weather conditions should be suitable.


  • Interiors

It covers the control of cabins, halls, kitchen and all indoor living spaces. Function tests of all electronic and mechanical equipment in these areas are made and evaluated.

  • Bilges

Structural evaluation of the boat covers bilge control by opening the floor covers. The bilge's equipment such as bulkheads, structural reinforcements, general condition of the bilge, drain pumps, kinistines and studs are inspected.


  • Engine and Fuel Systems

It covers areas such as fire and safety systems in the engine room, coatings and insulation materials, machine beds and connections, machine general condition, engine fuel systems and all cooling systems as well as piping and antisiphon. General evaluation is made by making trials.

  • Elektrical Systems

The general condition of the electrical installation is examined.

  • Navigation Equipments

It covers the control of all navigational aids. Function tests of the equipment are made and condition evaluations are made.

  • Local Systems

Covers systems such as fresh water, black / gray water, refrigerators and vents.

  • Safety Equipments

It includes fire alarm and pump systems, bilge water level alarms and pumps, security camera systems and the control of all security equipment in SOLAS.

The report prepared after the survey audit details the survey sections listed above and includes the defects and recommendations that have emerged as a result of the audit.